Can you define your “end game?” Do you have a purpose? Actually, for you, what is arriving? Do you know? At Career Planning Specialists, we believe that success is a cumulative process of discovery and change management – arriving, rather than just coping, or perpetual striving and recovery. It’s about taking care of your number one investment – YOU!

For more than thirty-one years, Career Planning Specialists has worked with a broad spectrum of individual clients from 12 to 72 years of age in order to optimize the relationship between work and life - arriving. Our clients range from students and entry-level workers to skilled professionals, scientists, artists, corporate executives – and everything in between.

At Career Planning Specialists, our philosophy is that your life is a business! Your work is a synergistic means to an end – and as such, you want to maximize the return on your time. Again, you are your own best investment.

Regardless of your circumstances, we can help you develop a relevant plan and a real focus in order to execute a cumulative strategy that will work for you.

Our services include career testing, advising and exploration; understanding and using labor market information; college and vocational training selection; job search strategies that work; resume writing; preparing for interviews; parent, student, employee, executive and success coaching; and outplacement assistance.

Our services are data driven, cost effective, convenient and confidential.

We are members of the Plymouth and Canton, Michigan Chambers of Commerce; The Michigan Apprenticeship Coordinating Committee; The Association of Public Data Users; and The Council for Community and Economic Research.

Day, evening and weekend appointments can be scheduled to fit your circumstances.

Welcome to Career Planning Specialists, LLC

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